The program covers primary, high, tertiary and corporate sectors. It is a vocabulary based program that will increase and enhance vocabulary, listening skills, critical thinking skills, reading speed, comprehension and cognitive skills. There are four programs available:


PERLS Placement test: Grade 1 to Grade 12+ English home language (Primary/High/Tertiary/Corporate)


PERLS Junior: Grade 4 to Grade 10 English home language (Primary/High school)


PERLS Senior: Grade 1 to Grade 12 English first additional language (High/Tertiary/Corporate)


PERLS Advanced: Grade 10 to 2nd year tertiary English home language (High/Tertiary/Corporate)


The program also has an Android app available and can operate on Apple devices. Please let us know if you would like us to come and demonstrate the program to you

Our Placement will allow you to know at what level you read. It is graded from 1-14. Typically a grade 12 learner should read at a grade 12 level. Grade 1-7 is primary school level, Grade 8-12 High School and Graduate to Tertiary.

PERLS placement:(Corporate @ )
PERLS Jnr: per level
This module offers 200 graded lessons and introduces students to 3800 words. The stories have international appeal and are written at low vocabulary/High interest levels to engage the more mature student.
1 year up front token:
1 year up front token:
PERLS Advanced: per level