1. Per level pricing allows a student to do the Placement and then determine the number of levels needed. Example: A Grade 12 learner should read at a level 12, but the assessment indicates grades at level two grades lower.
  2. This is for a one-year license and is the current special price. This is 50% of the normal full course retail price. This allow you to do ALL levels, and you have 1 year from purchase to complete the course.

Our Placement will allow you to know at what level you read. It is graded from 1-14. Typically a grade 12 learner should read at a grade 12 level. Grade 1-7 is primary school level, Grade 8-12 High School and Graduate to Tertiary.

PERLS placement:(Corporate @ )
PERLS Jnr: per level
This module offers 200 graded lessons and introduces students to 3800 words. The stories have international appeal and are written at low vocabulary/High interest levels to engage the more mature student.
1 year up front token:
1 year up front token:
PERLS Advanced: per level
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