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PERLS provides an ONLINE English Vocabulary-based Language and Reading Comprehension program. Our English Reading course is graded based on school years 0-12 English First Additional Language. We also have an advanced program effectively covering grades 13&14+. Lessons are based on a controlled vocabulary for each  grade. Learners can self-enrol, or be enrolled via a facilitator managed program. All learners will be assessed using the initial Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Placement procedure, and then be placed at the appropriate level in the course.

Why PERLS Reading

Places you accurately at YOUR level of reading in our program

PERLS has been designed during our more than 40 years of educational experience to:
1.Place you accurately at YOUR level of reading in our program
2.Improve your vocabulary
3.Improve your reading comprehension skills
4.Enable you to read faster

Reading is a base skill. If you are not reading at the right level, you may be struggling to learn properly. By helping you read better, we ensure your study methods improve and get BETTER MARKS in your exams!


PERLS: Programmed English Reading & Language System

PERLS is a wholly developed South African English vocabulary-based Language and Reading Comprehension Intervention.

Repetition of the vocabulary occurs in different forms as the student progresses through the lessons. PERLS uses the latest psycho-motor technology in which the vocabulary is flashed using the tachistoscopic method. This method improves concentration, optimises the average span of recognition, and provides instant repitions. As the words are flashed they are pronounced.

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